Don’t Be a Zombie Lawyer in Birmingham or Huntsville, AL

Don’t Be a Zombie Lawyer in Birmingham or Huntsville, AL

Benefits of How Powell & Denny Attorneys P.C. can help you:

We can add value to almost any third-party claim.

Let us put our knowledge of workers compensation, Medicare Set Asides, AMA Impairments and Social Security to work for your client. We can even add value on non-workers compensation related cases.

Let us handle what you don’t know or don’t want to deal with. Workers’ Compensation and disability assessment is its own ocean and we have over 50 years of detailed experience navigating it.

Don’t undervalue a work related injury’s worth in mediation and/or settlement.

Become a referring firm today and we will do a no cost evaluation of one of your cases to show you what we know.

We understand not only workers compensation law, but also Functional Capacity Evaluations, Independent Medical Evaluations, Vocational Standards, the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, physical restrictions and impairments and federal laws governing work related disability assessment. We know doctor and facility reputations.